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The Infection Chain

Infection ChainPreventing HAI's requires the implementation of safeguards to interrupt the "infection chain." Understanding the prevalence of pathogens and the nature of infectious bacteria is a critical tenet in facility-wide infection prevention processes. It is through understanding that adequate measures can be taken to contain and confine infectious materials. Otherwise, common sources of bacteria and pathogens can quickly and easily spread throughout the facility, presenting risks of exposure to other patients, health care workers, and visitors.

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Effectively containing and confining bodily secretions during an Endoscopy procedure reduces the potential for environmental cross transmission that can readily occur as carts are moved from the procedure room, to the PACU, and throughout the hospital. Significant opportunities for cross transmission occur long before the terminal cleaning that is performed before a cart is prepared for the next patient.

Bacteria, Virus, And Other Infectious Agents


C. diff



H. pylori