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Welcome to Vortek Surgical, your source for cutting edge products and information for infection prevention and improving patient and staff safety during the delivery of healthcare services.

Vortek Surgical is pleased to offer the patented ENDODRAPE Endoscopy Containment Systems.  The ENDODRAPE quickly and efficiently establishes the recommended precautions for effectively

Containing and Confining the bacteria, bloodborne, and other pathogens predictably generated during endoscopic procedures, including colonoscopy, EUS, EGD, ERCP, and many others.  Containing bacteria and pathogens at its origin is the first and most effective opportunity for infection prevention and reduction for the risks of spreading the bacteria that causes Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI’s).

For anyone interested in identifying and addressing origin and source reservoirs of bacteria in your facility (or if you think you already have all potential bases covered), please take a minute to view the following educational video atwww.endodrape.com/video.

Vortek Surgical also offers the patented EPS-30 Endoscopy Positioning Systems.  These positioning systems are specially designed to provide optimal patient positioning during endoscopic procedures performed in the lateral, supine, prone, or combination of these positions.  The EPS-30 Endoscopy Positioning Systems are available in Standard and Low-Profile versions to meet the unique needs of patients and their facilities.  For more information, please contact us at (888) VORTEK-1 or visit or website at www.vorteksurgical.com.

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